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AMP1&2 Rite of Marriage
$19.00 - $74.95
  • 91 Ritual Cards (6" x 9") . . . 3 hole punched to fit companion binder . . . each containing a single scripture reading, prayer or blessing
  • Printed in large, bold, easy-to-read type
  • For quick identification, each card is boldly marked with the same letter-numeral system found in Together For Life, the most popular marriage book in use today
  • The 44 cards for the Old and New Testament readings, responsorial psalms and Gospels from the revised Lectionary in the New American Bible translation.
  • Durable box suitable for desk, bookshelf, or sacristy storage of Ritual Cards
  • Also included are three sample General Intercessions (Prayers of the Faithful) as found in Together For Life (J-1, J-2, J-3)
  • Attractive 3-ring ceremonial binder, padded, gold-embossed white washable vinyl cover
  • To further enhance the liturgy, an additional binder is recommended for use by the reader
  • Ideal as a valued ordination, anniversary, or all-occasion gift for any priest or deacon
  • Additional Information
    AMP1&2 Rite of Marriage

    Matrimony Ritual Cards Only

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    Cards Only(AMP 1)
    AMP1&2 Rite of Marriage

    Ceremonial Binder Only

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    Binder Only(AMP 2)
    AMP1&2 Rite of Marriage

    Matrimony Complete Ritual Card Set

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    Binder & Cards (AMP1&2)